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Clan of Xymox

Информация о группе: Clan of Xymox

Официальный вебсайт: http://www.clanofxymox.com/
Facebook профиль: https://www.facebook.com/clanofxymox.official/

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ArrayRonny Moorings’ good ideas just won’t go away. That is quite impressive, because after all, he treats the Gothic tradition-conscious community since 1984 with high-class dark matter. Thirty years CLAN OF Xymox – an impressive anniversary, and the very last beacon that this band is one of the last , largest and most important representatives of a particular genre. Rest on its laurels comes for the Dutchman with the distinctive hairstyle not in question : instead of a best-of , re-publication or a live album they come out with ” Matters of Mind, Body and Soul ,” a brand new studio album, which made one thing clear first of all : CLAN OF XYMOX are still the inspirators of great Gothic ideas.

Maybe it was last year’s cover album ” Kindred Spirits” , perhaps a general deliberation on the old virtues : ” Matters of Mind, Body and Soul” is an engaging , dark shimmering gem of an album and has become a tribute to all that what makes classic Gothic music special. The mystical magic , the sweeping melodies , the misty atmosphere and that sense of dark tragic romance envelop the album like a veil, lies down on the listener like a finely woven shroud. Gothic may be in the 21st Century in a difficult position : CLAN OF XYMOX prove seemingly effortlessly , that this style of music lost none of its relevance, has lost nothing of its appeal .

One only have to find the right way of expression. Whoever puts a six minute intro at the beginning of his record , has much to say . And this applies to Ronny Moorings undoubtedly : Over the course of 60 minutes CLAN OF XYMOX pull out all the registers and drive energy , imagination and creativity , as they would have just released their debut – and not , with all due respect , his fifteenth studio album.
” She Is Falling In Love” shines with lost melodies and vibrant electronics, as if Ronny wrote together with DEPECHE MODE a song , ” Kiss And Tell” gives the Wave era a quick kiss on the cheek ,and continues with classic Gothic enthusiasm to enter into a fatal liaison.

Alleged contradictions like these they fuse ” Matters of Mind, Body and Soul” into a coherent , cohesive , passionate album that had become one of the great milestones of the genre 20 years ago. Thanks to Ronny Moorings’ brilliant writing he succeeds with this album to reach even today, something that lacks almost all other members of this guild now : deliver a timeless , spiritual, deeply soulful Gothic album . Chapeau, Ronny!